International transport


Our main destinations are Slovenia, Italy and Austria, but we also deliver to and from Germany. Transportation of your freight to and from any location will be superior by:

  • short and optimal transit time,
  • direct transport (no reloading),
  • the possibility of satellite tracking of your freight at any given moment.

Safety, speed and reliability are factors that we always include in the organization of transport. Our staff is well trained and always makes sure that your freight arrives safely and on time to the desired location.

Zemljevid prevozov Slemnik


  • Transport SLEMNIK d.o.o.

  • Selovec 54a
  • 2373 Šentjanž pri Dravogradu
  • SI-Slovenia
  • Europa
  • Telefon: +386 (0)8 20 505 82
    Telefax: +386 (0)8 20 505 87